Roman Urdu to Urdu Dictionary has become necessity of hour. We are living in 21st Century where every langauge is converging to become more and more international. It's very important for a person to know words of different cultures. By considering this, Urduban built a Profound Roman Urdu to Urdu Dictionary. Urduban Roman Urdu to Urdu Dictionary is not just about learning new words of an other culture, it’s about making our reader capable to talk effectively with respective peoples , so Search a word and fulfill your quest of Knowledge. Urduban Roman Urdu to Urdu Dictionary consist of more than 3 Lac words and it's growing :) It contains religious, Scientific, literary, Historical and almost every word from different walks of life . It covers words of all ages. Urduban is hopeful that you will find your words in our database. Please feel free to comment on every word in Urdu to Urdu Dictionary