Urduban Persian to Urdu Dictionary is a concise dictionary for persian and urdu readers. Persian is 2nd most important language of islam. It effected Turkish, Urdu, Bangali and even arabic too. It's effects on urdu are unmeasurable. To learn urdu language precisely, a person should learn persian language as well. By considering this fact, Urduban built a profound persian to urdu dictionary. Urduban Persian to Urdu Dictionary is not just about learning new words, it’s about making our reader capable to make sense how urdu words are created and what their precise meanings are, so Search a word and fulfill your quest of Knowledge. Urduban Persian to Urdu Dictionary consist of more than 100,000 words and it's growing :) It contains religious, Scientific, literary, Historical and almost every word from different walks of life. Urduban is hopeful that you will find your words in our database. Please feel free to comment on every word in Persian to Urdu Dictionary.